July 17, 2019

Team Members

Computer Science Team

The Computer Science team is composed of three sub-teams: Embedded Systems, Mission Control, and Machine Learning. The Embedded Systems team deals with the microcontroller that is responsible for reading sensor input and controlling motors. The Mission Control team deals with the code that interprets the sensor input collected by the microcontroller and gives it commands to accomplish tasks. The Machine Learning team has been experimenting with visual machine learning for alternative object identification.

  • Tyler Willis
  • Aaron Wong
  • Aaron Weber
  • Anna Smith
  • Ben Howard
  • Brandon Takahashi
  • Eric Av
  • Eric Gustin
  • Jalen Tacsiat
  • Kevin Mattappally
  • Nora El Naby
  • Nick Latham
  • Tristan Call

Electrical Team

The Electrical team is in charge of power distribution, component wiring, and making the electrical system more robust and intuitive.

  • Liam Jones
  • Blaine Atkins
  • Emily Ellwein
  • Alec Wilson
  • Jedi Biswas-Diener

Mechanical Team

The Mechanical Team is in charge of structural integrity of the submarine, as well as optimizing it for consistent, stable motion underwater.

  • Navath Nhan
  • Daniel Hoyt Mobley
  • Michael Tome
  • Jasmine Fisher
  • Marissa Encarnacion
  • Erik Buren

Business Team

The business team focuses on company and community outreach.

  • Daniel Hoyt Mobley
  • Kelly Shea