May 20, 2019

About Us

Gonzaga’s RoboSub team was created in 2016 by a group of students who thought building a submarine sounded pretty neat. Two years later, after much experimentation, learning by trial and error and classes, we had a working submarine.

In 2018, we attended the RoboNation RoboSub competition in San Diego for the first time. Each year we work on making our sub more reliable, robust, and adding more functionality. In 2019 we added vision functionality, more reliable gate tracking code, several low-level processes, lights, a leak sensor, a new backplane, an upgraded processor, and a completely redesigned hull and frame. For more frequent updates, and cool pictures and videos of our sub in action, follow us on Instagram @gurobosub

Interested in partnering with us, joining the club (Gonzaga students), or anything else? Send us an email at
Want to help us buy new components? You can donate to our club at the following link (GU Robotics Club)